About us

Photo of Daina and Ellie on top of Gray's Peak (One of Colorado's 14er's)

We're in the business of encouraging adventure, inspiring sustainability and enhancing your well-being.

Hi! My name is Daina and I am the proud owner of Adventurist Soap Co. I live in Morrison, CO, home to the world famous Red Rocks amphitheatre! I founded Adventurist Soap Co. in March of 2020 (Yes, right before the pandemic closures) and although it was a slow start, I am in awe at how much its grown! I built Adventurist on the belief that outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship foster happiness. 

"Simplicity eliminates the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak"- Hans Hofmann


I fell in love with the idea of creating products that people love and a story that people resonate with. My passion is to make products composed with the same beautiful simplicity as the nature that engineers them. The names of the products are inspired by the Colorado Rockies and terms steadily used in the outdoor community. I take pride in my products simple, yet effective recipes. Whenever possible I try my hardest to support local and ethical sources.


"Being outdoors makes us feel inspired, it makes us feel rejuvenated and motivated to explore even more. "- Daina Daniels, Adventurist Soap Co.

Adventurist Soap Co. is devoted to living sustainably and adventurously and to motivate those we encounter  to do the same. Nature does so much for us, and we do our best to return the favor by limiting single-use plastics, following leave-no-trace principles and adhering to conservation practice standards. Like many, we find joy in having a cleaner ecosystem.

My natural skincare products make a great pairing for the eco-conscious shopper with the adventurous spirit. You can feel at ease knowing that my products are designed with your health and happiness in mind.