Black Woman-owned soap shop

Sustainably sourced, palm-free, vegan & biodegradable products that do good for the environment.


Glass and paper products | All recyclable materials


Plant-based | Ethically- sourced | Palm-Free


plant-sourced | Not tested on animals

Support Conservation Efforts

Outdoor Afro

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Here's what fellow Adventurist have to say!

We first encountered Adventurist Soap on a road trip to Colorado, and my wife thoroughly loved the first bar we bought there. She recently received the gift box and has really been enjoying all the goodies inside. I'm sure we'll be back for more!

Andrew & Cynthia K.

I have extremely sensitive skin and occasionally have to deal with eczema. When it acts up, I have tried multiple soaps and creams. Nothing makes my skin calm down like this soap has. The scent is amazing as well. A MUST BUY!

Amy G.

No joke, no hyperbole, this is an exquisite product. Exemplary! He was so right! I love it, I love it’s feel, it’s fragrance, how my beard felt, and it’s ease of use! Most importantly, for the person closest to my face all the time, my wife, she loved it too!
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Helmi B.

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