Hiking Adventure Theme Elopement

Hiking Adventure Theme Elopement

I was about to turn 31 years old and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for my birthday that was coming up in one week. I felt like I had done just about everything one could think of for one's birthday. I wanted to do something more than just dinner out with my significant other and a movie at home with the pups. Although that was VERY tempting. My birthday should be a little more special than that, so I thought. 

I was scrolling through Facebook and I come across a post in one of my 14er Ladies group looking for a couple to model for their Adventure hiking elopement shoot in Telluride, CO. I thought "How cool is that!". I had never been to Telluride before and this was the exact styled wedding Bill and I had been wanting to do. So I sent out a message showing my interest in doing the shoot which I received a response saying that they had already filled in the spot with another couple but if it fell through they'd let me know.  

As you may have guessed, we received a message that the other couple fell through and they would love to have us take their place. We were SO excited to take a mini-road trip to Telluride, get away from the city for a bit and mostly get some pretty sweet photo's taken. 

On day one of our trip we arrived and checked in to our hotel in Ridgway, CO about 45 minutes outside of Telluride. Mind you, it took us nearly 6 hours to drive from Morrison to Ridgway so we were ready to relax for a bit after our drive. We found the cutest hot springs called the Orvis Hot Springs just down the street from our hotel. We relaxed there into the evening and watched the stars in the sky. 

We started the next day by going to Telluride Ski and getting some much needed turns in. We rested up before our shoot started in the afternoon. We arrived for our shoot just outside of Telluride Ski. It was freezing cold that day. In between shots we sat in our running car to warm up. I say that even though I absolutely froze my ass off, the end results were WAY worth it! I hope you all enjoy the photo's!

Photographers:  Raque Enedina Guerrero With Raque Guerrero Photography & Kelly White with In Love and Adventure Photography